​How do I join?

Call Setzer Personal Physicians at 717.724.0290 to schedule a complementary visit to meet Dr. Setzer.  If the practice seems like a good fit for you, services begin once a contract is signed and the membership fee is paid.​

Are there payment options for the annual fee?

The fee is paid in full at the beginning of each yearly contract.

Do I still need health insurance?

Yes. Insurance covers lab tests, radiologic studies, pathology fees, prescriptions, and hospitalization costs

Does Setzer Personal Physicians accept insurance?

Anyone can join Setzer Personal Physicians regardless of insurance. Although Dr. Setzer does not participate with any insurance plans, most insurances work well with this model. Members will not be billed or pay copays for physicals or office visits, as these are included in the annual membership. Some of the services provided by Dr. Setzer may qualify for reimbursement by your insurance plan. For this purpose, Setzer Personal Physicians will provide you, upon your request, an itemized list of services rendered for your submission to insurance companies. Setzer Personal Physicians cannot guarantee reimbursement due to plan variability. 

Are membership/concierge medical practices new?

No. This method of care is growing rapidly, and started in 1996.

Does Setzer Personal Physicians accept children?

Yes. The practice is open to children ages 10 and up.

What happens if my doctor is not available?

Dr. Setzer will be available 24/7, 365 days a year to his patient members. In rare instances when Dr. Setzer is traveling out of town, he will still be available by phone or email. If a sick visit is needed before Dr. Setzer returns, Dr. Setzer has arrangements with other excellent local physicians with whom will arrange an appointment. These visits are covered under the member’s contract.

Setzer Personal Physicians is a family practice. What happens when I have to see a specialist?

Dr. Setzer will work closely with specialists, and will communicate directly with them about the care plan. In many instances, doctor to doctor phone calls can help facilitate appointment scheduling and improve communication with specialists.

If I join now, can my family members join later?

Yes, even if the practice is at capacity, Dr. Setzer will always be open to immediate family members.

If I become ill and require extensive medical services, will my membership fee increase?

No, contract fees cover you for all sickness and wellness, including up to ten office visits per year.

Are there restrictions on which hospitals I may use?

No, Dr. Setzer will work with hospitalists at any facility in order to assure the best possible care and communication with the patient and the patient’s family.

What happens if I wish to withdraw from the practice?

A member can withdraw at any time, and their pro-rated membership fee will be returned.

What is different about Setzer Personal Physicians members’ Annual Health Exam?

Dr. Setzer allots two hours for this appointment. This time allows for a very detailed history and physical exam. The annual health exam will include an EKG, and pulmonary function tests as well as access to more advanced cardiovascular and genetic tests, test interpretation and care plans. This extensive exam is provided each year for all members.

How do I transfer my medical records from my current doctor?

A records release form can be picked up in our office, mailed to your home, or downloaded from our website. This form is then signed by the new member and presented to the office from which a patient is transferring. Membership is not contingent upon receipt of medical records.

Contact us at 717.724.0290 or email us at support@setzermd.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

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